Daylilies – the Perfect Perennial


The Viette Tradition of Daylilies

The Viette family has specializes in growing, hybridizing, and testing many different varieties of daylilies.  For more than three generations the Viette's have carefully selected superior varieties.

Take a walk through just one of André’s many beautiful daylily gardens and you will be struck by the beauty of their rich colors and regal blooms. Thousands of blooms!!

daylilies branch budsWhy, you might ask, would I want to have a plant in my garden that produces a flower that blooms only for a day and then dies?  The answer is simple; Viette’s has a tradition dating back to 1920 of producing one-of-a-kind hybrid daylilies, which have multiple stems, tremendous branching and bud production, and thus the ability to bloom for months. “Garden durability and hardiness have always been a must in the Viette hybrids. One of our hybridizing endeavors has been to produce rebloomers and everbloomers in many colors and fragrances” explains André. “Viette hybrids are selected for increased stem production and increased branching on each stem.”  These well-branched stems produce so many buds that even though a single flower only lasts one day, the bloom continues on and on.  And what a beautiful bloom! Each day a new, clean, crisp, glistening flower appears with no dust, no insect damage, and no storm damage - just fresh!

High Quality Viette Hybrid Daylilies

The re-blooming varieties hybridized by the Viettes consistently bloom over more than one season, while the everblooming daylily varieties bloom non-stop from June until frost. At Viette’s, we have daylily varieties that span the growing season from May through October, with some varieties blooming early and others waiting until July or August and even September to bloom.  We have over 200 varieties of consistent rebloomers and everblooming daylilies, easily allowing you to create a beautiful long lasting, long blooming daylily garden. 

Versatility in the Garden

viette dayliliesBecause of their versatility, you can use daylilies in many ways.  As a mass planting, they create a beautiful garden all by themselves.  They can also be used in gardens with other perennials, bulbs, and annuals, and as companion plants with trees and shrubs.  Dwarf varieties make excellent ‘colorscapes’ for fence rows or in border gardens. 

Easy Care

Daylilies are easy to grow and care for. They tolerate almost any kind of growing condition without sacrificing their beautiful flowers. They bloom in sun or bright shade and under wet or dry conditions. In addition, they can tolerate almost any soil type, including clay or sand. They are at home in the heat or cold, and can even tolerate seaside conditions. Of course, like humans, daylilies perform best when given the proper nutrients. It is a good idea to add organic matter such as peat moss, humus, or compost along with an organic fertilizer like Plant-tone, Green Sand, Rock Phosphate and Ironite.  Full sun is recommended in the northern U.S. and high shade in the southern regions.

viette daylilies

You've Come a Long Way!

Today’s daylilies are available in an exciting range of colors from the softest yellows to the deepest grapes and most vivid reds. They provide fragrance and extended color and variety to your summer gardens. At Viette's, our daylily cultivars come in all shapes, sizes, and colors with literally thousands to choose from.

At Viette's, We Specialize in Growing Daylilies

We have hundreds of different cultivars in our fields and gardens. It is certainly worth the trip to visit us over the entire blooming season - from June through September. Peak bloom is in July.

Download a PDF of our 2016 Bare Root Daylily Catalog

You can place an order for any of these beautiful daylily varieties by visiting our nursery in Fishersville, VA or by calling our toll-free number (800) 575-5538. Each daylily will be freshly hand-dug for you as nice sized (2-3 fan) bare root division. You can either pick them up here at the nursery or we can ship them directly to you.