Daylilies – Color All Season


Color All Season with Daylilies?

How can that be possible when each daylily bloom lasts only one day?

viette daylily display bed

The answer is in good breeding! Each daylily sends up multiple flower stems, each stem has multiple branches, and each branch produces several flower buds. Voila! One superior quality hybrid daylily can produce many, many blooms which will open over a 3-4 week period.

Viette hybrids have been selected for great stem production with excellent branching and bud production.

Choose the Best

When shopping for daylilies, look for hybrids that have heavy stem production, good branching, and good bud production. The Viette hybrids have been selected for these very traits. Over the years, the Viette family has carefully chosen the best producers (those with increased stem production and with excellent branching and bud production) as parents for their new hybrids and then thoroughly evaluated the seedlings before choosing the best performers to propagate. Therefore, you know you will get a superior daylily when you choose a Viette hybrid – we’ve taken the guess work out of shopping for daylilies!

Span the Summer with Color

Daylilies also have different blooming seasons. There are early bloomers, early-midseason bloomers, midseason bloomers, mid-late season, late season, and very late season bloomers. To create your full season daylily garden, choose a few early season bloomers which typically begin blooming in early June. These multi-stemmed, multi-branched beauties will bloom through most of June. Combine some early-midseason bloomers with these early bloomers to extend your daylily bloom into mid July. Then add some midseason bloomers, mid-late season, and late season bloomers and presto! You have a beautiful succession of color from June through September with lovely vibrant daylilies.

 daylily viette cranberry redThere are literally thousands of daylily cultivars to choose from. Though the majority of these are midseason bloomers, with careful planning and selection, you can easily create a long blooming daylily garden. Use the helpful lists on these pages as a guide.

Continuous color can also be achieved by planting some everblooming daylilies like ‘Stella de Oro’, ‘Ruby Stella’, ‘Stella Supreme’, or Andre’s ‘Lemon Cap’, ‘Viette’s Lavender Mist’, or ‘Viette’s Tangerine Stella’.

Good Companions

Although daylilies can certainly hold their own in the garden and provide color all summer, it is nice to add some companion plants that bloom before, during, and after them in a sunny garden. Combining long blooming perennials which don’t require a lot of watering, such as Achillea, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Lavandula, Coreopsis, and Liatris with daylilies will make an easy care summer garden.

Some Great Cultivars for each Blooming Season

viette daylily tangerine stella

Early Bloomers

Elfin, Flavina, Maytime, Maytime Orange, Sooner Gold

Early-Midseason Bloomers

Condilla, Eleanor Apps, Flames of Fortune, Frosted Velvet, Joan Senior, Lullaby Baby, Siloam Button Box, Siloam Ury Winnifred, Siloam Mama, Suzy Wong

Midseason Bloomers

Black Friar, Color Me Yellow, Cygnet Purple, Fairy Tale Pink, Fragrant Light, Lavender Eyes, Lovely Summer, Peach Fairy, Plate of Sunshine, Plum Beauty, Shenandoah Cabernet, Shenandoah Peach Ruffles, Soft Lavender, Treasure Gold, Viette's Apollos, Viette's Bingo, Viette's Indy, Viette's Parade

Mid-Late Season Bloomers

Art in Bloom, Bittersweet Honey, Bountiful Valley, Cherry Carnival, Colorful Summer, Evening Storm, Flamboyant Show, Glowing Cantaloupe, Glowing Cherry, Late Plum, Pleasing Yellow, Yellow Treasure, Viette's Aladdin, Viette's Bugler, Viette's Flamboyant, Viette's Gusty, Viette's Heirloom Red

Late Season Bloomers

Added Joy, August Ruby, Autumn Prince, Fall Glow, Gold Bullion, Graham Bell, Late Flame, Late Glory, Late Night, Olallie August Rose, Olallie Peach Parade, Orange Float, Star Dream, Viette's Charm, Viette's Late Royalty, Viette's Priscilla, Viette's Royal Purple

Very Late Season Bloomers

Autumn King, Autumn Minaret, Barbara, Ollalie Autumn Gold, Olallie Late Show, Ollalie Mack, Ruby Showpiece, Viette's Late Wonder

Consistent Rebloomers

Brilliant Sunshine, Capulet, Court of Honor, Cranberry Red, Dad's Cinnamon Giant, Fairy Tale Pink, Flaming Poppa, Glowing Cantaloupe, Honeysuckle Pixie, Late Find, Late Glory, Light Night, Lilac Snow, Little Cobbler, Little Orange Giant, Pardon Me, Raspberry Sundae, Remarkable Show, Rosewood Glaze, Super Purple, Viette's Harlequin, Viette's Charm, Yellow Reflection

Everblooming Daylilies

Everblooming Doll, Happy Returns, Lemon Cap, Lemon Lollipop, Mini Stella, Offa, Ruby Stella,  Stella D'Oro, Stella Supreme, Tetraploid Stella, Viette's Lavender Mist, Viette's Short N' Early, Viette's Tangerine Stella