Daylilies – Hybridization


Then and Now: Hybridizing History

viette daylily hybridizationRemember when daylilies were just the orange spider forms with tall leggy blooms that took over roadside banks? Well, that was then and this is now!! Daylilies have come a long way since the early days of ‘Hyperion’, ‘Painted Lady’, and ‘Caballero’. Many famous hybridizers have created incredible shapes, sizes, and colors. 

Dr. A.B. Stout of the New York Botanical Garden is considered the father of the modern daylily. Martin Viette, André’s father, hybridized daylilies in the 1930’s and 1940’s using Dr. Stout’s latest seedlings. The Viette breeding is ongoing today with the best seedlings from their own hybrids and other leading hybridizers in America. 

Viette Superior Quality

The Viette line of hybrids today stresses hardy dormants, rebloomers, late to very late varieties, large blooms with rich colors, good branching, many stems per clump, and heat and sun resistance. Viette hybrid daylilies include both diploids and tetraploids. Today the Viette's continue one of the best hardy breeding programs in the country.

André’s Newest Hybrids

Needless to say, daylilies are one of André’s favorite summer blooming perennials. The beautiful blossoms may last just one day, but these new hybrids are so well branched and have so many buds, that the bloom goes on and on!  Salmon pink ‘Viette’s Border Gem’; vibrant lavender and salmon bicolor ‘Viette’s Lavender Mist’; deep red ‘Viette’s Rouge’; and the lovely rich purple of ‘Viette’s Royal Purple’ are all extremely well branched and send up multitudes of flowering stems.  These fantastic new cultivars can only be found at Viette Nurseries! 

viette daylily rouge

Diversity in Bloom

Daylily blossoms can range from 2 1/2” miniatures such as André’s award winning ‘Peach Fairy’ to the huge 7” plate-like blooms of one of André’s newest hybrids ‘Viette’s Summer Beauty’. Recently many repeat bloomers have been introduced to the market. André has hybridized many excellent cultivars. Some of his newer introductions are ‘Cranberry Red’, ‘Glowing Cantaloupe’, and ‘Yellow Reflection’.  

Long Bloomers

One of André’s favorite long blooming daylilies is ‘Lemon Cap’. This beautiful lemon yellow hybrid has huge flowers and is very fragrant. It borders on being classified as an everbloomer because it blooms in the early season, midseason, and late season.


‘Stella de Oro’ is the mainstay of everblooming daylilies…BUT… Andre has developed several new everblooming daylilies. Just offered for the first time last year are the beautiful ‘Viette’s Tangerine Stella’ and ‘Viette’s Lavender Mist’. viette daylily shen lav mistEverblooming daylilies don’t have to be golden anymore!! These are exciting NEW colors in the everblooming class. What a delightful change from the standard gold ‘Stella de Oro’! These daylilies are ONLY available at André Viette Farm & Nursery.


You can Do It!

Hybridizing is easy and the rewards are endless! Come to André’s daylily lecture ‘Under the Old Apple Tree’ in July to learn about this fabulous ‘Perfect Perennial’ and discover some of the secrets of hybridizing and creating your own special, unique daylily!