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May 2016 - Tall Bearded Iris, beneficial insects, mosquito control, pruning spring blooming shrubs

April 2016 - Daffodils, grow daffodils that bloom year after year, naturalizing bulbs, late spring freezes

March 2016 - Cercis canadensis (Redbud), pruning conifers, pruning roses, rejuvenation pruning

February 2016 - Helleborus spp., garden makeovers, rejuvenation pruning, smother overwintering pests

January 2016 - Anemone 'Honorine Jobert', planning for spring, coffee grounds in the garden

December 2015 - Christmas tree, decorate for the holidays right from your garden, care of holiday plants

November 2015 - Anemone japonica, Fall planting, horticultural oil spray

October 2015 - Helianthus, October garden chores, How to divide peonies

September 2015 - Hydrangea, Pruning Hydrangea, Tips for September

August 2015 - Hardy hibiscus, Water-wise gardening, battling grubs in the lawn

July 2015 - Hemerocallis (Daylily), Gardening in the summer heat, dayliles for different bloom seasons

June 2015 - Echinacea (Coneflowers), PESTS of summer, avoiding spray damage

May 2015 - Heuchera (Coral bells), successful tomato crops, attracting hummingbirds

April 2015 - Ferns, April gardening chores and tips, controlling deer ticks

March 2015 - Bleeding Hearts, Starting seeds indoors, March garden tips

February 2015 - Orchids, Planning a vegetable garden, Three Sisters Garden

January 2015 - Geranium 'Biokovo', Choosing a perfect living screen, Amaryllis care

December 2014 - Callicarpa, Planting berry trees and shrubs for the birds, backyard bird feeding

November 2014 - Ilex verticillata, Shrub Care, Controlling pests on indoor plants

October 2014 - Fall bloomers, Bring color into the fall gardens, tips to tidy up your gardens in fall

September 2014 - Sedum, Fall Lawn Care, lawn care tips

August 2014 - Crape Myrtle, Gardening Tips for August, planting a fall vegetable crop

July 2014 - Daylilies, Colorful Summer Gardens, about bean beetles

June 2014 - Coreopsis, Tips for a Disease-free Vegetable Garden, microclimates

May 2014 - Peony, Garden tips for May, pruning spring blooming shrubs, why peonies fail to bloom

April 2014 - Viburnum, Planning a perennial garden, mulching, April lawn tips

March 2014 - Pulmonaria, All about fertilizers, March "to Do" list

February 2014 - Mahonia, Tips on pruning, Pesticide labels, Dormant oil sprays

January 2014 - Panicum 'Northwind', Wood ashes in the garden, Tips for January

December 2013 - Boxwood, Pruning boxwood, Boxwood bronzing

November 2013 - Japanese Maple, Prepare for winter, protect your tender shrubs for winter

October 2013 - Super hardy fall Mums, keeping stink bugs and boxelder bugs out of the house, overwintering tropicals

September 2013 - Ornamental grasses, tips for September, lawn weed control, holly berries (or not!)

August 2013 - Shade tolerant ground covers, tips for the August garden, dividing tall bearded iris

July 2013 - Daylily, Dealing with wet weather problems, creating a rain garden

June 2013 - Hosta, Tips for the June garden, Tips for the vegetable garden

May 2013 - Vaccinium (Blueberry), Tips for the vegetable garden; crop rotation, vegetables in containers

April 2013 - Buddleia (Butterfly Bush), Early spring lawn tips, grubs in the lawn

March 2013 - Chaenomeles (Flowering Quince), Pruning tips for early spring

February 2013 - Helleborus spp. - Keeping Houseplants Healthy, February gardening tips

January 2013 - Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum' - Gardening Tips for January, forcing bulbs indoors

December 2012 - Poinsettia - Tips for December, "Super Compost" grows giant plants

November 2012 - Euonymus - Euonymus pests and disease, dealing with fall leaves

October 2012 - Hydrangeas - Pruning hydrangeas, composting

September 2012 - Anemone japonica (Japanese anemone) - The importance of fall garden maintenance

August 2012 - Hosta - Creating beautiful shade gardens

July 2012 - Hemerocallis (daylily) - Combating summer insect pests

June 2012 - Lavandula angustifolia (English lavender) - Long-blooming perennials

May 2012 - Rhododendrons and Azaleas - Controlling lawn weeds

April 2012 - Flowering Crabapples - Controling spring pests and diseases

March 2012 - Phlox subulata (Creeping Phlox) - March gardening chores

February 2012 - Dicentra spectabilis (Bleeding Heart) - Controlling moles, voles, and mice

January 2012 - Brunnera 'Jack Frost', Holiday plants after the holidays, recycling Christmas greens

December 2011 - Christmas Cactus, Decorating for the holidays

November 2011 - Cucurbits - The Squash Family, Fall tips for shrubs; transplanting, protecting, & pruning

October 2011 - Callicarpa (Beautyberry), Keeping "bugs out of the house, Planting cover crops

September 2011 - Sedum, September gardening, September lawn care tips

August 2011 - Crape Myrtle, Water Garden Aeration

July 2011 - Daylily, Summer Bird Feeding, Hummingbirds

June 2011 - Astilbe, Spider mites, Hornworms

May 2011 - Tomatoes, Tips for growing perfect tomatoes

April 2011 - Flowering Dogwood, Growing and using herbs in the garden

March 2011 - Eastern Redbud, Pruning needled evergreen trees & shrubs

February 2011 - Japanese Maple, Garden makeovers

January 2011 - Amsonia hubrichtii, choosing the perfect living privacy screen

December 2010 - Canaan Fir, choose the best Christmas trees

November 2010 - Flowering Crabapples, Getting the garden and lawn ready for winter, STINKBUGS

October 2010 - Asters, Protecting your trees from deer damage

September 2010 - Helianthus (sunflowers), Fall lawn care

August 2010 - Hardy Hibiscus, Borers, Slugs & Snails

July 2010 - Daylilies, Daylily & Wine Festival, Aphids, Beetles

June 2010 - Daylilies, Garden Tips for June

May 2010 - Shade Tolerant Ground Covers, tips for May

April 2010 - Narcissus (daffodils), long-blooming daffodils, tips for April, new Viette Blog - Viette's Views

March 2010 - Bletilla striata (Hardy Orchid), forcing flowering branches indoors, spring garden chores

February 2010 - Chrysogonum virginianum, Late winter tips for trees

January 2010 - Baptisia australis, Dealing with snow damage

December 2009 - Poinsettia, Choosing the best Amaryllis bulbs

November 2009 - Boxwood, Garden chores for season's end

October 2009 - Super Hardy Fall Mums, Fill your gardens with fall color

September 2009 - Hydrangeas, Pruning hydrangeas

August 2009 - Hosta, Garden tips for August

July 2009 - Daylilies, Garden tips for July

June 2009 - Salvia nemorosa, Garden tips for June

May 2009 - Tall Bearded Iris, Tips on growing the best gardens, Pruning spring blooming shrubs

April 2009 - Tree Peonies

March 2009 - Variegated Solomon's Seal (Polygonatum 'Variegatum')

February 2009 - Orchids

January 2009 - Hakonechola macra 'Aureola', PPA Plant of the Year

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