Beautiful Fall Bloomers


Fall Bloomers Extend your Gardening Season

Autumn can be one of the most exciting seasons of the year in your garden if you just know the right plants to include in your landscape! It is amazing how many beautiful perennials are still in full bloom in September and October and some of the late flowering perennials are just beginning to burst into color at this time.

Chrysanthemum Ryans PinkIf your gardens are lacking in color at the end of summer, it’s time to add some fall dazzle! The garden in autumn can be a new beginning of fresh blooms and robust color. The following are suggestions of perennials and shrubs that will bring your gardens alive with color in the fall.

Aster - Asters are some of the most colorful of the fall bloomers. These hardy natives are robust, drought resistant, and very floriferous. They come in a variety of colors from white to hot pink to rich purple and all attract loads of butterflies.

Anemone japonica - Japanese anemones make a real statement in the Viette fall gardens. André uses mass plantings in many of his berm gardens and they are truly spectacular! They come in a wide range of colors from white to pink to deep rose and in single flowers or semi-double to double flowers.

Chrysanthemum - Super Hardy Fall "Mums" - Just as the poinsettia has come to represent the Christmas holiday season, the brightly colored fall blooming "mums" have become a symbol of autumn!  For the shrewd gardener, the October gardens can come alive each year with the colorful blooms of super hardy mums in an array of pinks, apricots, reds, and yellows. These long-lived hardy forms are a delight both in the garden and as long-lasting cut flowers. Be sure to look for the super hardy varieties!

Helianthus - This perennial sunflower is a must for its dazzling golden blooms that practically glow in the late afternoon autumn sun. Watch while butterflies flock to the profusion of blooms which also make excellent cut flowers.

Viette Gardens Aster with ButterflySedum - You can’t beat sedum for performance and diversity in the garden. ‘Autumn Fire’ is stunning in the fall garden as is ‘Vera Jameson’. They are beautiful throughout the season but really shine in the fall.

Perovskia - With its silvery-blue aromatic foliage and spikes of lavender flowers, Russian sage is a true knock-out in the late summer and fall garden.

Ornamental Grasses - Although it is interesting to watch them grow and change with the seasons, these beautiful grasses really come into their prime in the fall. They create an excellent backdrop for other fall bloomers and provide beauty through the winter.