Prepare for Spring – I


As Spring Approaches, Here are Several Things You Should Do:

  • Make sure all the dead foliage of hosta, daylilies, iris and peonies are cut back and cleared from the garden.
  • You should do a light feeding of Plant-tone or Holly-tone in March before you add your mulch.
  • Cut the stems and foliage of perennials. Be sure to cut them back to the ground before new spring growth.This Buddleia was cut back to the ground but new growth is already sprouting from the crown.
  • Don't cut back evergreen or semi-evergreen perennials (Iberis, Heuchera, Alchemilla, Alyssum, Arabis, hardy Geraniums, etc.), but you can protect them from the harsh late freezes by lightly covering them with leaves or pine boughs.
  • Cut back the ornamental grasses in March.
  • Buddleia, Crape Myrtle, and Caryopteris should be trimmed after the danger of frost, usually in April. Cut them back until you reach a green stem (or to 12"-18"). After a hard winter in colder climates, you may have to cut them almost to the ground, but they will come back from the base to form a handsome new shrub.
  • Spring is a great time to divide perennials, tall bearded Irispeonies and other plants.