Make Viette's your Destination

viette gardens front berm
The front berm at Viette Nurseries

Need some fresh ideas?

One of the best ways to get new ideas for your yard is to visit established gardens of all kinds like those you will find at Viette's.

We are well worth the trip!

At Viette's, we have extensive display gardens to give you plenty of ideas for your gardens. Explore many different sun and shade gardens, a lovely butterfly garden with brightly colored blooms to attract all kinds of beautiful butterflies and hummingbirds, water gardens, rock gardens, hosta gardens with hundreds of different hosta, daylily gardens with thousands of blooms, and many more. They're all right here in one beautiful place! And after you've wandered through the gardens, you can shop in our Garden Center for many of those stunning daylily and hosta varieties.

viette lily pad pond
Lily pads in a pond

Landscaping Ideas

As you tour the Viette gardens, look at more than just the plants. Pay attention to the landscaping - how the beds are sculpted, how the trees are trimmed, notice the effective use of statuary and large containers, the lovely combinations of trees, shrubs, perennials, and evergreens. Many visitors wander around with a note pad and some even visit once a month or so to watch how the different gardens unfold with the changing seasons, thus getting ideas for season-long interest in their own landscape.

Other Area Attractions!

Make your gas dollars go farther! While you're in the Shenandoah Valley visiting Viette's, why not take advantage of some of the other wonderful things our local area has to offer. Our new local winery, Barren Ridge Vineyards, is literally right around the corner. Having converted the family's old apple orchard, John and Shelby Higgs offer complementary tastings and tours in their quaint converted apple barn. The P. Buckley Moss Museum is just minutes away, as is the Museum of American Frontier Culture.  Enjoy wandering around historic Staunton and take in a play at Blackfriars Playhouse. If you enjoy antiquing, there are plenty of wonderful antique shops and antique malls in the area as well.

Getting hungry?

Our Shenandoah Valley offers some of the finest restaurants in Virginia - just ask us!!!


In the Beginning There was Grass...

viette house 85
The Viette House

When André first moved to his beautiful farm in the Shenandoah Valley in 1976, the grounds looked quite a bit different than they do now! He wanted his nursery in the valley to become a destination - a place where visitors could come not only to purchase plants but to spend a leisurely day strolling through beautiful gardens and come away with a head full of ideas. When he set out to design the gardens at Viette's, his goal was to create spectacular display gardens for year around enjoyment and also provide a showplace where customers could see how his perennials would look in a mature landscape. How many gardeners have looked at pots of plants in a garden center and thought, "These are really beautiful but how will they look in my garden? How will they perform in my landscape throughout the season?" André feels that the best way to choose plants is to actually see them growing in the garden and observe various combinations of perennials, trees, and shrubs. This is what sets Viette’s apart from most retail garden centers!

Starting from Scratch!

After he got his nursery business under way, André began to create his display gardens. He transformed his large grassy front yard into several separate raised berm gardens. He built these berms using the same procedures he describes in all his gardening seminars – 

defining garden
Defining the Garden
Use a garden hose to outline your shape . . .

Kill the grass with Roundup . . .

Dig or till the bed to a depth of 12" to 18" . . .

Add 25% organic material to the soil . . .

Amend the soil with plant-tone, rock phosphate, greensand, and rich earth according to his specific formula . . .


Then he was ready to design and plant the gardens

Color all Season!

summer daffodilsAndré artfully incorporated the perfect combinations of trees, shrubs, bulbs, perennials and annuals in his gardens to provide year-round interest. When you visit Viette's, you will always find something in bloom – no matter what the season! Plan to visit our nursery and gardens several times during the season. You will be amazed at the progression of colors and textures that occurs from spring through winter! Nothing is ever still or static – there is always color, movement, and interest!

Come see why these spectacular gardens have been featured in national magazines and on public television!

An Abrupt Change!

The gardens at Viette's matured beautifully over the next few years. Visitors from all over came to wander through his spectacular sun and shade gardens getting ideas for their own plantings. Then came Hugo! In September 1989, three years after André put in his front berms, hurricane Hugo hit the Shenandoah Valley. There was plenty of flooding in the lower fields, but the biggest impact was the loss of the majestic old maple tree in the front yard. Suddenly the shady berm was no longer in the shade!

aster with butterfly

Now what?

Did André redesign the whole bed? No, because many shade perennials can tolerate quite a bit of sun and they can often adapt to changes in exposure. Some plants didn’t fare well with the change and these plants were eventually replaced with other species but most have flourished even under these sunnier conditions. In the fall, the Japanese anemones are one of the highlights of this garden! Large crape myrtles, dogwoods, and winterberry hollies now provide adequate shade for Hosta and other shade loving perennials.

More gardens!

The beautiful rock wall garden at the back of the house was established in the spring of 1988. This exquisite garden provides our visitors with some valuable insights into establishing and planting rock gardens. In the fall of 1990, André designed and installed the large shade garden adjacent to the garden center. This has become one of my personal favorites probably because I have a lot of shade at my house and I get a lot of ideas when I wander along the paths. Surprise garden rooms with attractive statuary greet you all along the way!

Come experience the beauty of Viette's!