Iris – the Orchid of Perennials


Tall Bearded Iris - The Orchid of the Perennial World

viette gardens iris september replayIris provide stunning splash of color in the garden May through June and work well in a border garden or in formal settings and are ideal for cutting and arranging.

These breathtakingly beautiful perennials are long-lived and provide a great focal point in the spring. Their attractive, sword-like foliage provides a strong vertical effect in the garden even after flowering is finished.

Plant iris with early spring bulbs, daylilies, and a variety of summer and fall perennials for a long-blooming garden. Some tall bearded iris rebloom in the fall. Look for these varieties!

Stunning Blooms

The beautiful, showy flowers of the bearded iris come in a wide variety of colors including some striking bicolors. The flower consists of three upright petals called  "standards" and three lower hanging petals called "falls". The fuzzy "beard" is found on the center of the falls. The blooms of many cultivars have a delightful fragrance that wafts on the spring breezes.

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One type of tall bearded iris, the Reblooming Tall Bearded Iris, not only bloom in the spring, but grace the garden with their orchid-like flowers again in the late summer and into the fall - some blooming as late as October!

Some Catchy Foliage!

The variegated forms of Iris pallida are wonderful bearded type iris with striking foliage and extremely fragrant deep purple blooms. These lovely iris make a great eye-catching accent in the sunny perennial border. The cultivar 'Aureo Variegata' has yellow striped foliage that is especially stunning in combination with the red or purple leaved Coral Bells and the bright colored Coneflowers. Iris pallida can tolerate more shade than traditional Tall Bearded Iris.

Where to Plant:

viette gardens iris pallida aureo variegataTall Bearded Iris do best in full sun and moderately fertile, well-drained soil. Never bury the rhizomes completely when you plant - leave the top exposed and do not cover with mulch.

Watch Mark's Video Tips about Tall Bearded Iris.

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