Aristocratic Perennial

Paeonia hybrids - Herbaceous Peony

viette peonies: president lincolnThe peony is the "aristocrat" of the perennial garden with a showy profusion of beautiful flowers in the spring. They are reliable bloomers and will provide beautiful bouquets of wonderful fresh cut flowers. Peonies are very long-lived and become even more spectacular with age.

Types of peonies

There are two types of peonies; the more familiar herbaceous peony that die back to the ground each winter and the woody stemmed tree peony, Paeonia suffruticosa. Read more about tree peonies.

Herbaceous Peonies

The herbaceous peony usually bloom for four to six weeks in May and early June. They produce large flowers that may be either single, semi-double, or fully double depending on the cultivar. Learn more about peony flower forms.

viette gardens peonies: isani giddy

Peonies Culture

The peony blooms best when planted in full sun, however in warmer zones, afternoon shade will protect the flowers from excessive heat and prolong the bloom.

Plant them 3-4 feet apart so they have plenty of air circulation. This will help reduce disease problems. We also recommend that you do not mulch peonies as they can be prone to crown rot.

Fertilize in the spring and fall with Espoma Plant-tone.

The peony is susceptible to botrytis blight and other fungal diseases so keep a close watch in the spring and spray with a fungicide like Mancozeb, Daconil, or copper fungicide if necessary. Read more about botrytis blight.

The best time to divide and transplant is in September through October or November. Read more about dividing peonies.

Cutting Peonies

For use as a cut flower, cut the peony stems when the first petal breaks from the bud. Do not cut more than half of the blooms from a plant and always leave at least the bottom two leaves on the stem.


viette peonies: gay paree bouquetPulmonaria perform best in full or part shade in rich, moist but well-drained soils. They do not like hot afternoon sun and will usually wilt under these conditions. Keep well-watered during hot dry summers to maintain fresh, perky foliage.

At Viette's, we have beautiful peony display gardens. They are a sight to see in May!

The ideal transplanting time is in the fall between September and December. At Viette Nurseries, we take orders from spring through fall and dig them fresh for shipment or pick up in late September - October. Don’t miss out on this small window of opportunity for these gorgeous spring bloomers!

Click Here to Download a PDF of Our Complete Peony Listing

viette peonies: peony fieldYou can place an order for any of these beautiful peonies by visiting our nursery in Fishersville, VA or by calling our toll-free number (800) 575-5538. Your peony will be freshly hand-dug for you as nice sized (3-5 eye) bare root divisions in September through October. You can either pick them up here at the nursery or we can ship them directly to you.