Peonies – Dividing


Dividing Peonies

The aristocrat of the perennial garden, with their showy profusion of beautiful flowers, are long-lived, reliable, and make good cut flowers.

Why Divide?

If your peonies are growing and blooming well where they are planted, there is no need to divide them. However, over time, peony clumps can become overgrown and "tired". They may begin to produce fewer and fewer blooms. These older peonies will benefit from dividing. Digging and dividing is a great way to rejuvenate these wonderful plants.

When is the Best Time to Divide Peonies?

The best time to divide peonies is in September or October after they have begun to go dormant. When the foliage had begun to turn yellow and then brown, they can safely be dug and divided.

How Do I Divide Peonies?

viette gardens digging peonyFirst cut the stems back and then carefully dig around and under the peony keeping as much of the root system as possible. Be sure to dig a wide circle so you avoid cutting through the roots.




viette gardens washing peony roots

One of the easiest and safest ways to clean the roots is to wash soil out of the clump with a garden hose.








viette gardens peony eyesYou will notice 2 sizes of buds or eyes on the roots after the soil is washed off. The large, fat, sometimes pinkish eyes will produce the blooming stems for next spring. The very small white eyes are vegetative eyes and will produce the stems and flowers the following spring.



viette gardens peony divisionTo help with disease and insect control, dip the peony roots in a 10% bleach solution (1 part bleach to 9 parts water) and then let them dry before replanting.Replant the divisions in an area that receives full sun. Dig a generous hole and amend the soil with Espoma Plant-tone, rock phosphate, and Greensand according to the label directions.

viette gardens peony clumpGently remove the soil from around the roots and the eyes. Be very careful not to break or damage the eyes as these will become the flowering stems for the spring season.





viette gardens trim peony stems

Use hand shears to cut the old stems all the way back to the root. Again, be careful not to damage the new buds that have formed.







viette gardens dividing peonyCut the clump into divisions with at least 3-5 blooming eyes each and a good root system. This will provide a blooming plant in a shorter time. Peonies will often not bloom in the first spring after they have been divided.






viette gardens peony gardens

Be sure to place the plant with the eyes facing up and plant so the eyes are no more than 1"-2" below the soil surface. Peonies will not bloom well if they are planted too deep. Do not mulch peonies as this can cause crown rot.