Perennials – Brunnera


Brunnera macrophylla - Perennial Forget-Me-Not!

Viette Gardens Brunnera Jack FrostLight Up the Shade

Brunnera macrophylla is a lovely clump-forming perennial that makes a wonderful addition to a woodland garden or shady border garden. Large heart-shaped dark green leaves have a coarse texture and remain attractive all season long. In April and May, airy sprays of beautiful electric-blue forget-me-not-like flowers rise above the foliage on slender stems.

Brunnera are also great for naturalizing along a shady garden path or along a woodland stream. Their beautiful flowers sparkle and dance in the dappled sunlight of the early woodland springtime. They are easy to grow and will thrive in the garden as long as they are kept in evenly moist soil that is rich in organic material.

Wow! What a star!

Jack Frost is an exciting new Brunnera cultivar. This beautiful, easy-to-grow perennial has dramatic silvery foliage highlighted with narrow green leaf veins and a vivid green edge. The striking silvery foliage is great for bringing life to dull, low light areas in the garden. Jack Frost also has the same lovely blue Forget-Me-Not flowers of the species.

Viette Gardens Brunnera Jack Frost FlowerCompanion Planting

These beautiful spring bloomers are wonderful planted with spring bulbs and other shade loving perennials. The red leaved Heucheras are particularly stunning companions to Brunnera especially the silvery leaved ‘Jack Frost’. Other plants that grow well and look great with Brunnera are Hosta, Astilbe, and ferns.