Perennials – Buddleia


Buddleia - Butterfly Magnet!

Viette Gardens Buddleia ButterflyThe sweetly scented Buddleia is one of the most magnificent plants for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden. The beautiful silvery-green foliage of this shrub combined with the lusciously fragrant flowers alive with the constant motion of brightly colored butterflies is a must for any sunny garden! 

Buddleia davidii, appropriately named the Butterfly Bush, makes a perfect focal point for a butterfly garden. Long panicles of fragrant blossoms appear in early July and continue to bloom until frost providing a constant supply of nectar for many different species of butterflies.

This beautiful deciduous shrub takes very little care and is adaptable to most garden conditions that get about six hours of sun a day. Just dig up and amend the soil with Plant-tone, Rich Earth, green sand, and a little rock phosphate, mulch lightly each spring, and they kind of take care of themselves. Once established, they seldom even need supplemental watering. They do need to be deadheaded though to ensure continual bloom through the fall. They can even be sheared back to half their height in the late summer if they grow too tall to deadhead easily.

Viette Gardens Buddleia ButterflyPlanted "en masse", they can provide a fence row full of color and fragrance from summer until fall offering privacy from neighbors. In some areas, Buddleia remain semi-evergreen through the winter. Although they get cut back to about 12” each spring, it doesn't take them long to reach their full height and fill out with great flowing branches with long gorgeous flower panicles full of color. The pink, lavender and purple hues, along with the beautiful white, of the Buddleia are superb attractions all season long – both for you and for your butterfly visitors.

The different cultivars of Buddleia grow anywhere from 4 feet to 8 feet in height. Since they bloom on new wood, they should be cut back to 8"-12” each spring (mid April). This will give you  bigger and more abundant flowers throughout the season.

Buddleia are deer resistant and drought tolerant.