Perennials – Chrysogonum


Chrysogonum Virginianum

A Wonderful Native Ground Cover for the Sun or Shade

Viette Garden Chrysogonum VirginianumCommonly known as Goldenstar or Green and Gold, Chrysogonum virginianum is a beautiful wildflower that is native to the eastern United States. It is one of the finest flowering ground covers for the sun or shade garden, bearing bright yellow star-shaped flowers that will lighten up even a patch of deep shade.

Beautiful Flowers

Cheery golden-yellow five-petaled flowers begin blooming in May and continue blooming strongly through June. In cooler climates further north, Chrysogonum will usually continue to bloom through the summer, while in the south, flowering generally slows down in the hottest part of the summer but picks up again with a burst of bright color in the cooler days of early fall.

Attractive Foliage

Chrysogonum virginianum forms a neat carpet of compact bright green semi-evergreen foliage. It provides a relatively fast spreading ground cover that grows 6"-8" tall. The leaves and stems have a fuzzy texture which also makes it less attractive to browsing deer!

Viette Garden Chrysogonum VirginianumA Good Companion

Chrysogonum virginianum is a wonderful addition to the woodland garden where it combines nicely with hosta and ferns, as well as with Astilbe, Polygonatum, and the beautiful red-leaved cultivars of Heuchera. In a sunny border garden, use Chrysogonum as a colorful edging plant. It makes a wonderful ground cover under trees and tall shrubs and it's compact growth form is perfect for the rock garden or for growing over rock walls.

Easy Culture

Chrysogonum grows best in well-drained, humusy soil that is kept moist but not wet, however, it will tolerate drier soils if provided with some shade. Plant in full sun to deep shade. In hotter climates, it performs better if planted in partial shade. It is easily propagated by division in the spring.