Perennials – Phlox


Phlox Subulata - Creeping Phlox, Mountain Pink


Wow - what is that bright patch of color?

Viette Gardens Phlox LandscapeCreeping Phlox, Moss Phlox or Mountain Pink is a native treasure which kicks off the perennial year with a profusion of colorful blooms in early spring - a welcome sight after a long winter.  

Named the utilitarian easterner, Phlox subulata stands high in the ranks of rock garden plants because of its ease of culture and its prodigal display of flowers. Its carpeting evergreen foliage soaks up full sun as well as bright shade and is useful as a ground cover on a sunny slope or bank. These low-growing phlox are also excellent as edging plants, in the rock garden, or tucked in a rock wall.

Wonderful Choices

Viette Gardens Phlox Candy StripeGrowing 4" to 6" tall, these colorful phlox thrive in average, sandy or loamy, well-drained soil. There are many attractive selections and hybrids available including Emerald Blue with its dense covering of lavender-blue blossoms, Candy Stripe with unique white and pink striped flowers and Scarlet Flame, the brightest red creeping phlox.

Companion Planting

These early spring blooming perennials are wonderful planted with spring bulbs and other rock garden perennials. Andre plants these phlox among pastel tulips as well as candytuft (Iberis), big, multi-colored pansies, Scilla, Crocus, and snow drops.

Brighten up your spring with some colorful Phlox subulata!