Perennials – Polygonatum


Polygonatum Odoratum Variegatum - Striking Ground Cover or Accent for the Shade Garden.

2013 PPA Plant of the Year

Viette Gardens Polygonatum VariegatumEach year members of the Perennial Plant Association choose an outstanding perennial to be their Perennial Plant of the Year. We're very proud that in 2013, they chose the beautiful variegated Solomon's Seal, Polygonatum Odoratum Variegatum. You see, Andre's father, Martin Viette, was responsible for introducing this beautiful plant to the nursery trade in the United States.

The dazzling foliage of this beautiful variegated Solomon's Seal will brighten your shady garden!

Wonderful Foliage

Three years before the attack on Pearl Harbor, Martin Viette brought Polygonatum Odoratum Variegatum to America from Yokohama Nurseries in Japan. He recognized this stunning variegated Solomon's Seal as a valuable addition to the shade garden, woodland garden, and as an excellent ground cover for shade. The beautiful foliage is a blend of white, cream, and shades of green, and provides a wonderful, long-lasting backdrop for fresh flower arrangements. Polygonatum Variegatum is very hardy and performs extremely well in the garden.

Beautiful blooms

Viette Gardens Polygonatum Variegatum CoverFrom spring through early summer, rows of lightly fragrant, white bell flowers dangle from the strong arching stems. These dainty nodding flowers with their lovely foliage are excellent for cutting and using in fresh spring flower arrangements.

Versatile in the Landscape

Polygonatum Odoratum Variegatum grows to 36" tall. These beautiful plants are ideal for a shady border or as an attractive woodland ground cover. Their showy variegated foliage makes a striking accent under deciduous trees. They are a natural companion to other foliage plants such as Hosta and Heuchera and also combine well with woodland ferns, Epimedium, Pulmonaria, and Astilbe.

Polygonatum odoratum Variegatum performs best in well-drained, humusy soils in light shade or dappled sun. In cooler regions, they can tolerate full sun if adequate moisture is provided. Afternoon shade is recommended in regions where summers tend to be hotter. Spreading by way of underground rhizomes, Polygonatum is easy to divide and propagate. Hardy in Zones 3-9.

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Bottom line - This is a must-have perennial for the shade or natural woodland garden!