Perennials – Salvia


Salvia nemorosa

Long Blooming Perennials

Viette Gardens Salvia Blue HillsThe beautiful perennial sage, Salvia nemorosa, with its tall spikes of violet-blue to pink to pure white flowers has become a staple in the perennial garden. It thrives in the heat of the summer and the long flowering time of May through frost is an added bonus for this wonderful plant.

This perennial is a magnet for attracting butterflies, hummingbirds, and honey bees to the garden!
Salvia nemorosa is a lovely clump-forming perennial with attractive gray-green to green aromatic foliage that is deer resistant; another PLUS! Throughout the summer and into the fall, these salvias produce an abundance of beautiful flower spikes which will attract flocks of butterflies to your garden all season long! 

Viette Gardens Salvia May Night BeeSalvia Caradonna is a beautiful cultivar with  vibrant blue-violet flowers on tall (24") glowing purple stems. This is a stunning variety for the middle of a sunny border. Salvia Blue Hills has brilliant blue flower spikes that really light up the sunny border. It grows to about 16" tall.

A shorter variety, Salvia Marcus, grows to 12" and produces a multitude of compact spikes with deep violet-blue flowers. This is a great choice for the front of the garden. Salvia May Night was the PPA Plant of the Year in 1997. This popular variety grows 18" tall with numerous spikes of deep violet blue flowers. 

How to Grow Salvia

Plant Salvia nemorosa in average, well drained, sandy or loamy soil. Once established, these hardy perennials are quite drought and heat resistant. To ensure a continuous bloom, it is best to deadhead the old flower spikes. Hardy in Zones 4-7.